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We rescue, care for and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wild animals and birds. Then we release them back into the wild.

Each year we admit and treat around 6,000 creatures and need to raise £477,000 for day-to-day running costs. Please help us by donating time, money or items from our wishlist.

If you’ve seen an injured wild animal or bird, call us for advice on 01952 728070 or visit our contact page.

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Cuan Wildlife Rescue

Cuan Wildlife is a wildlife rescue centre where we take in sick, injured or orphaned wild animals and birds, with the aim of nursing them back to health. We regularly admit over 6,000 animals & birds in one year. Once fully recovered, great emphasis is placed on returning them to the wild - in most cases, this means back to the area from where they came, where they may have a mate waiting, or where, at least, they will be familiar with their territory or hunting ground. Cuan Wildlife rescue is a registered Charity which is dependant on donations from the public and businesses.
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife Rescue9 hours ago
EARTH DAY 2024! 🌍💙💚
Happy Earth Day! Every year on the 22nd of April millions of people celebrate Earth Day from all over of the globe to protect and bring awareness to issues facing the planet such as pollution and deforestation. The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970, when a United States senator from Wisconsin organised a national demonstration to raise awareness about environmental issues. The issues the planet faces are still very important to this day and therefore it is so important to spread the message about this day.

This year the focus is on planet verses plastics, and the "commitment to end plastics for the sake of human and planetary health, demanding a 60% reduction in the production of ALL plastics by 2040". Plastic pollution is an extremely big issues all over the world and not only does it effect our wildlife but also us humans. Here at the rescue centre we treat many animals each year that have been caught up or have ingested some form of plastic pollution, and sadly many times the outcome is not good. Us humans are also ingesting micro-plastics on a daily basis and not even realising it!

This Earth Day to get involved you could take part in or start your own litter pick around your local area, plant some plants, or just watch some documentaries to increase your knowledge of these issues we are facing daily. However this is not just a one day matter, we need to be trying to reduce our plastic waste all year round! 💚

For more information please watch the video linked below and also visit the websites linked:

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Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife Rescue2 days ago
The answer to the earlier quiz was…

Grey wagtails are residents in the UK all year round and as their name suggests their name derives from their characteristic tail pumping behaviour which can be seen in this video! This one is a fledgling but as it grows its tail will get much longer! 💛

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Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife Rescue2 days ago
Can you guess what animal this is?
(Answer will be revealed later today!)

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Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife Rescue3 days ago
As fledgling birds are leaving the nest, many of them spend the first few days on the ground learning how to fly, just jumping from one place to another. This behaviour sadly does come with many difficulties, one of which is being predated. Many other small mammals are also at risk of predation such as mice, voles, rabbits, etc.

In the summer months we get many animals through our doors that have been attacked by cats. Some only have a tiny scratch, some sadly are too severe to save. Even if there are no visible injuries to the animal DO NOT just release it back into the wild. Please call your local rescue centre first. The saliva in a cat’s mouth contains a lot of bacteria so even if the animal has a tiny prick to the skin the bacteria can cause sepsis which can take days to fully set in. Causing the animal a long painful death. Therefore it is always recommended that a catted animal receives some form of antibiotic treatment before being released!

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Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Cuan Wildlife Rescue5 days ago

Bats often get a bad reputation due to their depiction in history, but they are a crucial part of many ecosystems. This day was created by Bat Conservation International to focus on protecting all bat species and protecting their ecosystems. It was also created to bring awareness to the public of the importance Bats have across the world and show them in a more positive light!

Across the world there are over 1300 different species of bats. 18 species of which can be found here in the UK!

Bat’s are a fundamental part of daily life for many ecosystems including our own. They help pollinate plants, control pests, and help fertilise the land. So it is crucial we protect and save these species.

Ways you can celebrate this day is by researching into the species using books and the internet, watching documentaries, finding local talks and activities, or by getting in touch and involved with your local bat groups.

For more information please follow the links below:

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