Babies and Orphans

Every spring and summer we are inundated with literally hundreds of baby birds and animals that for one reason or another have lost their parents.

Our aim is always to return them to the wild once they’re fully grown, healthy and able to fend for themselves. Each creature requires a specialised diet, two hourly or hourly feeding depending on the species, company of its own kind where possible, warmth and the feeling of security, and most importantly, as little contact with humans as possible.  This prevents them becoming tame and reliant on us for survival.

Once they are feeding themselves, they’re moved into bigger aviaries / enclosures where they always have somewhere to hide and contact with humans can be reduced.


How You Can Support these Creatures

Rearing orphans is a very time consuming and expensive task. If you would like to help by purchasing specialised food, sponsoring an incubator or donating money towards their rehabilitation, please contact us for details or visit our 'Support Us' page.