Badger cubs 2019

And so it begins...


Our first badger cub was admitted on 2nd March 2019. He was cold and wet, but was soon tucked up in an incubator to warm up. He was found alone and in the open and it’s likely that he had been taken from his sett by a dog, then dropped.

4th March 2019

badger 5-3-19

5th March 2019


The cub is settling nicely in Claire’s care, and starting to feed a little easier than he has been. The videos are brief but the cute noises will melt your heart.

When we have badger cubs, they are only looked after by one member of staff. This is usually our assistant manager Claire. It has quite a tough job, as she has to get up during the night for feeding etc. It’s just like having a human baby.

18th March 2019

Now we are 3!

Today we received 2 more badger cubs from North Wales. Their sett had flooded and were very cold and wet when rescued. They were delivered straight to Claire at home so she could start caring for them.


21st March 2019

Now we are 4!

Another addition today. We now have 2 girls and 2 boys with the addition of ‘Bumble’ from Derbyshire. There were no problems settling in, we all just snuggled up together and went to sleep.

29th March 2019

Here are our girls enjoying their breakfast feed. They are now spending their nights at the wildlife hospital, and Claire is getting some well deserved sleep!


1st April 2019

During the day time, the cubs have been moved to a larger indoor enclosure so they can explore. Their bed is still in the same cage, and as you can see they still snuggle up together for naps.

4th April 2019

First feed of the day. They sound so cute!