Give a Meal

With many restaurants closed, could you make a donation to Cuan instead, to help us provide a meal for a patient?

We are currently taking in huge numbers of seasonal wildlife casualties, nestlings, fledglings, hoglets and fox and badger cubs, which all need regular feeds. In the wild, mothers’ feed their young frequently throughout the day. We have hundreds of hungry mouths to feed and our animal care staff are working hard to feed them all. Some baby birds need feeding every few minutes, and hoglets need 2-3 hourly feeds. Our food bill each year is around £20,000 including donations and is the highest at this time of year - with many babies needing specialist food which can be expensive.
It costs approximately £2.50 for a meal for a hedgehog, £5.00 to feed a bat for a week, £15.00 to feed a nest of baby birds for a week. Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate £1 or £100, every little bit helps.

Thank you for your support.