Our New Patron – Joanna Lumley DBE FRGS

Joanna Lumley - Rankin colour
With the very sad death last year of one of our Patrons, John Challis, we, Cuan Wildlife Rescue found ourselves in the position of seeking another Patron to help continue to promote our cause to treat sick and injured Wildlife. John had been a much-loved and respected Patrton whose loss has been keenly felt.
We are now delighted to announce that Dame Joanna Lumley has done us the huge honour of accepting our invitation to become our new Patron.
Dame Joanna writes….
"It is a great honour to be invited to step into the shoes of the late great John Challis as a Patron of the wonderful Cuan Wildlife Rescue. I love what they do: caring for creatures that would otherwise die, rehabilitating them, and releasing them back into the wild…in some way making up for the damage that humans have done to nature. I support their work with all my heart.”
Cuan Wildlife would also like to thank our other two Patrons, Gabrielle Drake, actress, and Kerry Ellis, singer and performer, for their continued support of the Charity which is greatly appreciated.