Sponsor an Owl

Sponsor an Owl


Sponsor an Owl

Receive a cuddly owl toy, a fact sheet and certificate of your sponsorship.? You will also receive our bi-annual newsletter.

If you would like an owl mug instead of a toy, please email cuanwildlife@gmail.com or put a comment in the notes on the order and we can organise this for you.

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Take part in the adoption of animals with Cuan Wildlife.? We rescue injured and orphaned animals and help rehabilitate them until they are able to survive in the wild on their own. We take care of many red foxes alongside badgers and hedgehogs to name a few.? Below is some more information on the animals that you can adopt and what that money helps us to do.

You will receive a cuddly toy, fact sheet and certificate of your chosen species as well as a copy of our biannual newsletter.

When you adopt an animal by purchasing an adoption kit you help towards the costs of looking after all the animals of your chosen species here at the hospital. This could be red foxes or the ever popular swan or even the steadily declining population of the hedgehog.

With our adoption kits you can adopt a fox, badger, swan, bat, owl or hedgehog and this will guarantee that we can care for these animals all year round. Any donations and adoptions enables us to perform rescue operations across the country to care for many different wild animals which are sick or injured.

Your adoption will support our efforts in a very significant way! Buy an adoption kit today and help us to save wild animals who are in danger or are severely ill.


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