Corporate Sponsorship

We’re keen to develop relationships with companies. Help us support local wildlife and show your customers you care.

Here are some of the ways your company can have a direct impact on the care of sick and injured wildlife:

  • Charity Sponsorship. Sponsor an event or project, or make a regular donation to the day-to-day running of Cuan Wildlife Rescue.
  • Employee Fundraising. Would any of your staff like to raise money for us? Such stories make great press releases!
  • Payroll Giving. You can decide how much to donate each month and it comes automatically from your pay packet. Please contact us for a Payroll Giving form.
  • Charity of the Year. Adopt Cuan Wildlife Rescue as your charity of the year. If you tie it in with a Cause Related Marketing arrangement, where one of your products is specifically promoted with a proportion of the income donated to us, you can really make your customers aware of your commitment to the wildlife and the environment.

If your company would support us in any way, we can advertise your business on our website, put your company’s name on specific projects and include you in some of our press releases.

Our current Corporate Sponsors are:

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If you have any questions about corporate sponsorship, we're here to help.