Leaving a legacy

If you love wildlife, you’ll know how much pleasure can be had from seeing animals and birds – whether it’s spotting a timid creature in the undergrowth or watching the birds feeding in your garden. This pleasure lasts a lifetime, and once time has run its course, leaving a legacy in your will or donating on behalf of a loved one is a great way to give something back.

Remembering Cuan Wildlife Rescue in your will is a meaningful way to help us continue our work rescuing sick and injured wildlife, rearing orphans and returning them to the wild. It also helps us protect British wildlife for generations to come.

We are a registered charity and receive no government funding. Every donation, no matter how small, really does make a difference.

If you would like your legacy to go towards something specific, please let your solicitor know. For example, you could leave money for a new aviary. Feel free to contact the centre if you’d like to find out more about how the money could be spent.

One of the many benefits of having a Will in place is the ability to choose who you would like to benefit from your estate when you pass away. Many choose to include friends or family members who might not otherwise benefit from their estate, as well as charities that are close to their heart

Many of us support charities, whether by way of small monthly donations, helping with events or putting money in a tin to help with a collection.

For charities, legacy income can be a vital part of their fundraising. Often charitable giving can be overlooked when preparing a Will, despite the fact that benefiting the charities in this way can be an efficient way to reduce your inheritance tax bill.

Leaving a gift in a Will can take the form of a legacy, either a set amount of money as a cash gift, or it could be a share of the residue of the estate. Sometimes clients choose to include a charity as a beneficiary in the event there was a tragedy, whereby their first named beneficiaries had passed away before them or at the same time. Businessman Richard Cousins, who was tragically killed along with his family in a helicopter crash in Australia, used such a clause to leave £41million to Oxfam.

Although supporting a charity is a very personal decision, we can help you to consider ways of ensuring your gift is used in a way you would intend. Many clients put restrictions on the gift so that the money is not used towards salaries or running costs, but to ensure their generous gift is used in the way they would intend.

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Fodens Solicitors can help you consider ways of benefiting charities and explain the options to you. They have offices in Telford and Much Wenlock so please get in touch with them if you want to discuss wills and/or charitable donations.

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