What We Do

Cuan Wildlife Rescue is a registered charity dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wild animals and birds. We are the only wildlife rescue centre in Shropshire to offer a round-the-clock service.

As well as our day-to-day work looking after the county’s wild creatures, we also aim to:

  • Educate of the public in the care and rehabilitation of wildlife
  • Undertake research and advise other organisations in the field of wildlife rehabilitation

The charity started in 1990 and has grown steadily over the years, with purpose-built facilities to meet the needs of any wildlife casualty that may come into our care.

Each year, we admit around 6,000 wildlife casualties. On admission, every patient receives immediate first aid such as pain relief, treatment for shock, fluid therapy, wound management or antibiotics. Some then have further veterinary treatment, thanks to the support of Severn Edge Veterinary Group, and in particular the professional expertise of Chris Woodroff, who has been our wildlife vet since 1995. Their dedication and commitment to treating the many different species of wildlife we bring them ensures seriously injured creatures have the best possible chance of recovery.

Once they’re well enough, the creatures we look after are always returned to the wild. Adults, particularly, will be released where they were found – they may have a mate waiting and will be returned to familiar territory.

Our primary goal is always to give the creatures a second chance at life.

“I often get asked why we do what we do. My answer is simple. The vast majority of the wild creatures that come into a rescue centre is a result of man’s interference, be it accidental or deliberate. Road casualties, traps, snares, poisons, litter, shooting, garden ponds and many more inflict suffering, misery and death on innocent creatures. If we were not here doing what we do, many of these creatures would die an unthinkable death.”

Megan Morris-Jones (Founder)


We believe that today’s youngsters are tomorrow’s future. It’s really important that we educate young people in caring for our wildlife and the environment.

Model Wildlife Garden – aimed at 5 to 11 yr olds.

This is a model which replicates a typical suburban garden. Using this, we show the children typical garden hazards that can prove a danger to hedgehogs and other wildlife. We also discuss ways to make the garden wildlife friendly and demonstrate this by changing aspects of the garden to make a safer environment. In addition, we talk about what they can do if they find a creature in distress.

We do make a charge for this – please contact the centre for details.

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