Win with Cuan


We invite you to join the Cuan Wildlife 100 Club. This gives you the opportunity to support the charity with a minimum of effort and a very good chance of winning a monthly cash prize.

Club members pay £10 per year to be entered into a monthly draw for 2 prizes of at approximately £35 and £10 each, with a special draw each July and December (the value of prizes will depend on the number of Club members, & could be higher or lower than the stated amounts).

The draw will take place on the first day of each month (May through February) and the winners will be contacted immediately.  Approximately 50% of the 100 Club’s income will be paid out as prizes. Membership payment may be made by cheque or by Bankers Standing Order.

We do appreciate that you must receive many requests for charitable donations, but the 100 Club gives you the chance to win your money back every month.

Why not share a membership with family or friends, or better still, buy more than one membership as a syndicate and increase your chances of winning?

For the equivalent of just £1 per month you will be entered into a monthly draw with the chance to win cash prizes.

Each month from May until November, January and February, 2 lucky winners will be drawn receiving at least £35 and £10 respectively, based on 100 paid-up Members. (prize money will depend on the number of members & could be higher or lower than the stated amounts).

In July and December there will be a special draw with prizes of at least £50, and £20, based on 100 paid-up Members (prize money will depend on the number of members & could be higher or lower than the stated amounts).

All funds not paid out in prizes will go directly to the running costs of the Wildlife Hospital.

Apply online below or download an application form and return it to us with your cheque for £10 for 10 months or set up a standing order to pay annually.

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Weather Lottery

Help support Cuan Willdife Rescue by entering the Weather lottery!

The Lottery results are calculated using the temperatures from selected destinations around Europe on a particular day each week. Enter for £1 a ticket, which will go to Cuan Wildlife and be within the chance to win £25,000.

Players are assigned 6 numbers when registering, that are then checked against the last 6 digits of temperatures in Fahrenheit that are published in the Daily Mail on the day of the draw.

Join our lottery, you could win £25,000