We have our wishlist on Amazon, but you can send from other websites (see below) or purchase locally and drop off at our hospital. The items do not have to be the same as the ones on the Amazon wishlist, most shops' own brands are just as good.

Items can also be dropped off to our collection boxes in Sainsbury Telford and Shrewsbury, or drop them off at our hospital in Much Wenlock. 


     Urgently Needed

  • Kitten/Puppy Biscuits
  • Black Bags
  • Non fishy cat food
  • Non latex gloves - M/L/XL
  • Laundry Washing Liquid
  • Live Mealworms and Waxworms

Main Amazon Wishlist

Each year we regularly admit and treat approximately 6,000 casualties for which we need to raise approximately £440,000 for the day to day running costs. By donating items from our wish list this helps us so much.


Non latex, non powdered / nitrile gloves - medium

Non fishy cat meat tinned in jelly (Recommended Sainsbury's)

Strong bin bags

Kitchen Towel / Blue Paper Towel

Animonda Carny Kitten Cat Food Wet Food

Laundry Washing Liquid - Non Biological

Kibbled Peanuts

Peckish Complete Seed & Nut Mix for Wild Birds

Non-fishy Kitten biscuits (not Go cat or whiskas-Recommend Sainsbury's

Tinned dog/puppy meat

Live Waxworms

Live Mealworms

Chick Crumb

Mixed Bird Seed

Suet/fat balls

Virkon S Broad Spectrum Virucidal Disinfectant tablets

Other Websites

Here are some businesses you can use to buy items from our wishlists. Simply click on the logo and it will take you direct to their websites. Please note the following:

  • You can now call Live Foods Direct on 01909 518888 and arrange a delivery to us.

We are also supported by Garden Wildlife Direct, who have kindly agreed to donate 10% of any purchase made through the link below to us. So you can buy an item from our wishlist to donate and we will receive some money as well!

Thank you so much for your support. We really appreciate it.