Anna’s John O Groats to Lands’ End Cycle Challenge

On the 3rd September Anna is hoping to cycle 930 miles from John O Groats to Lands End, in 12 days, raising funds for Cuan Wildlife Rescue.

The Covid lock down and after effects have really hit Cuan Wildlife. With both charity shops having to close for just over three months, our income was badly affected. Anna wants to raise money to help secure the future of Cuan Wildlife for the sick, injured and orphaned wildlife that so urgently require help. From hedgehogs to deer, owls to blue tits, Cuan Wildlife admits and treats over 4,800 creatures each year. The effect it would have if we were not here to help would be huge.

Anna is funding this trip herself so 100% of what you donate will go to Cuan and help the animals and birds who so desperately need it. There will be regular updates on the website and our social media pages during the ride.

You can donate via my Just giving page

or download a sponsor form here.

Thank you so much for supporting Anna, every penny really makes a difference.

Video of Anna's Challenge

Day 1

97.6 miles with a head wind! Beautiful leaving John O Groats, scenery was amazing. Wind then got up which was a bit of a battle. Stopping by Invergorden tonight, Showered and in the van now.I was so nervous starting but not too bad now day one is done! Thank you so much for your donations and your support, they really help me push up the hills. Thank you!

Day 2

Day two done! 82.84 miles done! Some tough climbs today! Some beautiful views, scotland really is beautiful. Got a bit too excited when I saw over 200 lapwings in a field! See pic but you will have to zoom! You know you are high up when you bike past a ski centre! Last picture is where we are pitched up tonight. Big day tomorrow, over 112 miles into Edinburgh so getting some rest now. Thanks so much for you support and your kind words they really do help so much!

Day 3

Day 3 done! Tough and my biggest distance, 112.4 miles! Again, some good climbs. I have attached the elevation diagram to give you an idea! In Edinburgh now, showered and ready to rest! Saw some beautiful sites, the sunrise was amazing and the rainbow was magical! Your comments really got me through today, I hit 100 miles and there was a lovely (nasty!) Hill which seemed never ending (it really wasn’t but seemed it!). Thank you so much for all your support and donations, they mean the world!

Day 4

Day 4, 83 miles. Had to negotiate Edinburgh this morning, glad it was a Sunday! Beautiful day, no wind, no rain! Went past a Tibetan momentary which was beautiful but very odd to go past in the middle of no where! In Canonbie tonight, pitched up in a local pub car park! I will be in England tomorrow, Scotland has been beautiful. Thank you so much for your support, it means so much.

Had to share this, we are staying in the car park of the Crosskeys Hotel in Canonbie. As a thanks for letting us stay we had a meal and got talking to a lady in there. We went back to the van and then the locals had a whip around and came over to the van with £40.70 for Cuan, how lovely some people are! Lovely meal too!

Day 5

Day 5, 73.33 very wet miles!
Garmin had a moment through Carlisle (as did I), so had to record the ride in 3. Took the required selfie with the England sign!
Stopped for some cows and had a chat with a lovey farmer (wildlife friendly too!).
At New House Campsite in Kirkby Lonsdale tonight and the man, Colin, donated the pitch fee of £20 back to us! Also the local shop keeper in Orton gave Sean £5 for Cuan too!
Got a big day tomorrow, legs know I have ridden those miles, but got to keep going.
I must admit I am so glad I don’t commute to work through a city, I am defiantly a county girl!
Thanks for your lovely words, trust me they keep me going as the days are getting tiring now!

Day 6

Day 6, over half way now and 92 miles today. Started off in the rain (again), hard climbing to start over The Forest of Bowland. Probably beautiful but I was in the cloud! Was dreading Manchester but they had sectioned off one of the carriage ways just for bikes so it was lovely! Now at Weston, near Crewe, staying with my uncle. Looking forward to a short day of 43 miles tomorrow and I am being joined by Fran (!!!) and Tim, my old watch manager from work. It will be lovely to see them and ride with company. Home for one night tomorrow before the final 4 days. I really cannot explain enough how your words of encouragement keep me going, thank you so much xx

Day 7

Day 7 – 41.55 miles to Cuan. Was a lovely day and I had the lovely company of Fran Hill (Cuan) and Tim Hughes (Green watch Telford, Shropshire Fire and Rescue). Back at home now, enjoying the fact it was a short day! Had a lovely welcome from the staff at Cuan coming up the road! Longer day tomorrow, all the was to Chepstow, through Ludlow and down! Thank you for all the donations and support, you are all so generous, it really does push me on!

Day 8

Day 8 done! 80.09 miles down to Chepstow. Was slightly dreading it as I had some big hills from Hereford to Chepstow but I did it! Took some lovely pictures , the views were beautiful. Will be crossing the Bristol Channel tomorrow, 3 more days to go! Sorry Nikki Backhouse, I didn’t go past a Wales sign! Thank you again so much, the donations are amazing, everything is going to Cuan so it will make such a difference in a very hard (but busy) year.

Day 9

Day 9 - 67.92 miles done
I am currently just south of Taunton.
Went over the Bristol Channel & took required pic!
Saw a heron who actually stayed for a picture!
Really feeling it today, legs tired, body tired
It may be to do with the fact I have 94 miles tomorrow which are hilly! Anyway, I will take my time and keep plodding on!
I want to say a massive thanks to my husband Sean (&our dog Chester) who is supporting me
He meets me at 50 miles each day, which is a massive mental boost
He sorts the bike out & makes sure the water is hot in the van for me to have a shower & he listens to me moaning about my legs!
Thanks so much to you all, tough day tomorrow & body is really feeling it, maybe a bit broken tomorrow night!

Day 10

Day 10, toughest day so far probably because I am so tired!
93 miles, hilly & painful!
Just north of Wadebridge tonight, ready for the last push tomorrow Only (!!!!) 65 tomorrow & hoping to be coming into Lands End about 2.30ish
I must admit I hurt today, everywhere!
But have done my stretches, will rest tonight & complete tomorrow What I am going through is nothing compared to what our wildlife goes through on a daily basis
Thanks to Fran, Nikki & the team who are doing a fab job back at the hospital, we have a great team and are very lucky!
Thanks so much to you all, I looked at your comments when I was hurting at 80 miles & they really helped push me through so thank you & the donations are amazing! Thank you so much! Xx

Day 11

Well I did it!!
890.2 miles in 11 days
An amazing experience & I have seen parts of the UK I never usually would
I have a new relationship with hills now!
The Scottish ones are definitely the worst!
Thank you so much for all your support & lovely words they meant so much!
Thank you to Sean, my support man! And husband! And to Kate and my cousin Peter & his wife who were there at the finish!
Can’t quite believe I have done it!
All your donations will make such a difference to Cuan so thank you!